Open weekend went well

It was a busy weekend of visitors and I was exhausted afterwards but great to see my work finding new homes. I have been really into my bird paintings of late and they proved the most popular with buyers. This one of a juvenile blue tit proved the most popular.

The abstract bird paintings were born out of the unprecedented time in our lives, ‘lockdown’. As our only regular companions at this time, I began to really study the 15 or so species that frequented our garden. The range of colours within their feathers fascinated me and I found only by abstraction I could explain their beauty and depth.

This has grown into an ongoing series of bird paintings. I have taken commissions doing different species that frequent other people’s gardens. British species that come into our human space, give grace by their presence and then fly away. They leave pools of colour in the memory, which manifest into paintings that can take on any meaning the viewer wishes.

Cyanistes Caeruleus 2023
Cyanistes Caeruleus – juvenile blue tit